Donnerstag, 15. September 2016

Konferenz Videoproduktion - Qt Summit 2015

Client Qt Company, Video Productions, CONFERENCE
over 70 Sessions, Videomitschnitt, Konferenzvideo

73 Sessions, Screen -/ Laptop - Recordings, german, english 
Qt World Summit 2015, BERLIN, GERMANY, Konferenzvideos

best praxis video, LIVE CODING for The Qt Company, Qt World Summit 2015

We record conferences


FULL SERVICE Video-Production for 

Who we record YOUR CONFERENCE?

WE using for recording small equipment to record 
the PROJECTOR/ PRESENTER devices. WE use best solution to recording for example: 
software LIVE - PROGRAMMING - steps.

WE RECORD YOUR speaker on live events, combine the presentation and edit 
the video with titles, designs and publish the videos.

go to website: greenwoodworx Konferenz Videoproduktion Berlin, Konferenzvideos

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